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A Little Something Extra

Before we started Letts Swim, we were looking for a facility that could accomodate private swimming, teacher based lessons and a fun, clean and luxurious place in which to socialise. We searched high and low... and we couldn't find anywhere...

So we made our own. We created a space we could be proud of, that would function as an economic draw for Hadleigh, and would make swimming  available for everyone in the community.

Letts Swim is perfect for those who don't feel safe in the current environment utilising a leisure centre. It is a place that you can meet socially with friends, we have a limit of ten people in the pool which safely accommodates two families or a few groups of friends. If you are looking for more structure, we have access to award winning swimming classes and are looking to invite new and exciting water activities to our ever expanding timetable.

If you feel like swimming is missing from your life, then we can help to get you back in the game.

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Photos taken by Alexander Parnell

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